United Kingdom, 2022 – LuxLife Magazine announced the winners of the 2021 Global Vegan Awards!!! The Vegan Chef gets an award for “Best Vegan Food Chain – South Africa”

“Culinary Excellence Award 2021: Vegan Southern Fried Chicken “

The Global Vegan Awards is a new addition to the LUXlife brand. The aim of this award is to recognise and award businesses who have decided to take an alternate route and cater to those choose to live more sustainably and purchase products and services that are produced and curated ethically, fostering a positive impact to the world we live in today.

Thank you Lux Life Magazine for this awesome recognition!


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Our Story

About the Brand

At The Vegan Chef, we create delectable gourmet and artisanal vegan food that is good for you and great for the planet.

With our customer’s health and the environment at the heart of what we do we are pushing boundaries and innovating.

Our Mission

Heres just a few things we believe and we want to share that with you

To deliver cruelty free comfort food that is delicious , good for our customers and great for the environment

To make plant based food experiences accessible both from a geographical and price perspective.

To pioneer and promote  environmentally friendly , equitable and socially responsible  manufacturing practices in an industry  still in the infancy stage

The Vegan Chef started as a tiny food cart in Sandton, Johannesburg.

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